Our Quality and Environmental Policy



Our quality policy

• To be a reliable company based on customer satisfaction in all processes

• To follow technological developments closely in order to increase profitability and efficiency

• To ensure continuous development with teams formed in line with competencies and abilities.

• Activating quality awareness in all processes

• To research and evaluate raw materials, materials and equipment of appropriate quality and to procure them from the appropriate supplier, in order to be able to produce at world-recognized standards.

• Contributing to the development of the sector through cooperation with suppliers

• To complete each project with high-level techniques, on time, at the expected quality level and within the determined budget limits.

• To carry out innovative studies to reduce our wastes generated during production and to recycle existing ones .

• Increasing our presence in other countries in line with our vision of becoming a world brand .

• To adopt a continuous improvement approach in all processes and to support this with regular trainings.


Our Environmental Policy


In line with our environmental policy;

• We carry out our activities in compliance with environmental legislation and international standards.

• We are committed to managing and reducing the environmental impacts arising from our business activities and continuously improving our environmental performance.

• We aim to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions in order to minimize our impact on climate change .

• We carry out studies to reduce our air emissions .

• We aim to reduce the use of water and natural resources in all our operations and to use them in the most efficient way possible.

• We carry out studies aimed at reducing, re-evaluating and recycling the wastes generated as a result of our activities at their source; We dispose of it as prescribed by law.

• We work to reduce energy use and increase energy efficiency at every stage of our operations.

• We monitor and audit our environmental performance within the framework of our Environmental Management System. We constantly monitor our operations, identify areas for improvement and set targets.

In this direction , we will determine our Design- Baustoff Environmental Goals , we will constantly review our goals and disseminate this policy among all our employees / subcontractors, in this direction, we will comply with the current customer requirements and legal requirements / legislations that we are responsible for, which are other requirements, our environmental dimensions, We undertake to work effectively in the prevention of pollution.



















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